Jim Karnstedt
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Watch Jim's Memorial Onine!  / Steve Mathieu (Brother)  Read >>
Watch Jim's Memorial Onine!  / Steve Mathieu (Brother)
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A fine fellow ...  / Lori Shapiro (SLF acquaintance )  Read >>
A fine fellow ...  / Lori Shapiro (SLF acquaintance )
In my own quiet way I will miss this jovial gentle spirit. I envision Jim as a kind person seeking wisdom truth and knowledge ... like so many of his friends and acquaintances. I have further respect and appreciation towards Jim due to his entrepreneurial skills and services which have served SLF members so well. I do hope that someone will carry on with Jim's wonderful legacy and filming skills. If no one else will step forward then with some coaching I'd like to carry on where he left off so that his excellent idea and services can be carried forward ... and live on. Of course I'd prefer that it was Jim that could continue this tradition but since this is no longer possible I see no reason to let his fantastic idea stop now. It should continue to thrive and live on ... along with his fine spirit and memories. It's such a worthy endeavor and fine legacy that Jim leaves with us. Lori Shapiro Close
GOOD BYE MY FRIEND  / Lawrence Hultberg (friend)  Read >>
GOOD BYE MY FRIEND  / Lawrence Hultberg (friend)
Jim you were one of my all time favorite persons. You will surely be missed. Thank you for all your humor your guidance and your friendship. Blessings to you on your journey and to your family and friends. Much love and appreciation.Lawrence Close
bringing eyes to theblind  / Jess Kanarek (friend)  Read >>
bringing eyes to theblind  / Jess Kanarek (friend)
the years at smart life forum that you so skilfully produced cds
and other media allowed those not fortunate enough to  be at meetings to get permanent copies that meant so much . in my case the fowkes lecture on alzheimers disease gave me  hope for
improvement if not a cure. thank you. i will always remember
this and the many other services you engaged in Close
Saying Goodbye  / Alan Ogilvie (Bestest friend )  Read >>
Saying Goodbye  / Alan Ogilvie (Bestest friend )

What can I say that hasn't already been said?

You leave behind so many memories of our friendship. over a 15 year period.  It's hard to get my head around it that there will be no more but I will keep your spirit alive as best I can.

Thank you for being the portal to so much. The friends that you introduced who now are my best friends and who I love very deeply.

The level of conciousness that you helped me achieve.

You are/were a special man who knew special people.

In this  stress filled life of ours full of tension you were remarkable in never getting upset depressed angry bitter.  Always positive always upbeat always happy.  We can learn a great deal form you.

You were/are an old soul and you will return to us.  But you never left!

I love you very dearly goodbye my great friend.

Alan Close
Song of the Water Man  / Tony D'Arpino (friend)  Read >>
Song of the Water Man  / Tony D'Arpino (friend)

for Jim Karnstedt

begin in air

near the waterfall

then leave the land of lakes

and never fish again

except for a glint of motorcycle chrome

and tropes of light in the water

and good day

you have reached the long pole

of the punt across the river ion

the network extends

across the fields of welcome

we are the waters of your memory